Fabien Girardin

Short bio

Fabien Girardin (PhD) is a researcher, engineer, executive active in the development of digital and humane technologies. With a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary skills, he guides organizations in transforming data and experiments into innovative cultures, visions and solutions.

Throughout his career, Fabien has collaborated in dream teams that bring Data Science to the avant-garde of their domains. Most notably, he was the co-CEO at BBVA Data & Analytics a center of excellence in advanced analytics that derived knowledge from financial data to transform the banking industry. At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he pioneered in techniques that analyze digital traces of human activity for urban innovation and applied them in the industry with a travel detection system produced for the Boeing Company. Subsequently, he co-created Quadrigram, a visual programming environment that democratizes data manipulation and visualization as part of a practice he coined as Sketching with Data.

Fabien Girardin
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