The Thing Got a Human to Build a ThingThe Thing Got a Human to Build a Thing
The Thing Got a Human to Build a Thing

"What I learned was that programming is not really about knowledge or skill but simply about patience, or maybe obsession. Programmers are people who can endure an endless parade of tedious obstacles." -James Somers

Contributed By: Julian Bleecker

Published On: Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 15:33:59 PST

  1. Matt got a thing to help him build a thing he previously didn’t know how to build, and you can feel the exuberance.

  2. It’s even a quirky thing. A playful thing you’d smile at the equisite absurdity of his thing — an iPhone App that points you towards the center of the galaxy!

  3. Amazing! Artful. Audaciously imaginative.

  4. An arrow that points to the geometric center of, well — everything and everyone.

  5. This is about as useful as poetry. Or poetry that a thing makes that can sit on your bookshelf!

  6. It’s all quite exciting and one can’t help but admire the creative whimsy of it all.

  7. James Somers writes an eulogy to his hard-won accomplishments as a human who can build a thing, because a thing can help Matt build a thing.

  8. The contingent duality of it all. Simultaneous exuberance and existential angst and eulogizing.

  9. Well now. Let’s just ask ChatGPT.

The phenomenon of individuals creating iPhone applications without prior programming knowledge, relying instead on AI tools and instructions, showcases the democratization of technology. It highlights how AI is lowering barriers to entry in tech fields, enabling broader participation and innovation. However, it also prompts reflection on the evolving nature of skill and craftsmanship in programming. This shift may lead to a reevaluation of what it means to be a programmer and how we value the blend of creativity, technical proficiency, and problem-solving abilities in the digital age.

  1. The Love Argument says AI democratizes technology and making programming accessible to a wider audience is a good thing, because democratic values are good, and democratic systems work.

  2. The Hate Argument say that, yes, we will have existential questions for programmers like Sommers who fought persistently and with a single-minded sense of purpose to excel. They ‘made their bed everyday’ to quote the philosopher warrior podcaster Jocko Willink, and despite it being hard (not in the kinetic sense, but some other lurking hurdle that hurts more) they overcame that and became heroic for their ability to do what many others can’t.

  3. Now that an AI can do the once-hard-thing the deeply skilled question their hard-earned value and integrate or disintegrate — or somewhere in between.

  4. And wait for the moment when ‘artisinal’ or ‘hand-coding’ becomes a niche or perhaps sought-after capability, where the old-timers talk about how the warmth and character of a beautifully sculpted, perfectly executed Concurrency algorithm far and away results in vastly more appealing software.

  5. Oh, also, to Somers point at the head: sounds about right, from my experiences leastways! Artificial Intelligence is patient, and can endure an endless parade of tedious obstacles, even torment from its operators.

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