ANDI Innovation Land Summit 2024 🇨🇴ANDI Innovation Land Summit 2024
ANDI Innovation Land Summit 2024 🇨🇴
Time to Imagine Harder
Julian Bleecker Keynote Address ANDI Innovation Land Summit 2024
Assess Synthesize Imagine Create are the four phases of the Design Fiction process

Project Summary

Client: ANDI, Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia

Team: Near Future Laboratory, ANDI

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Project Year: 2024

Project Duration: 1 Week

Published On: May 31, 2024, 13:32:23 PDT

Updated On: Jun 5, 2024, 11:55:47 PDT

Written By: Julian Bleecker

The Project

Colombia. Keynote. Imagine Harder. Encourage creative entrepreneurship. Meet with business leaders and executives of established and start-up companies. 2 lunch presentation. Podcast. Interviews.

The Outcomes

Remarkable association with some engaged, enthusiastic, committed participants from a remarkably vibrant and well-funded entrepreneurial ecosystem. A very generous, exuberant production team connected Near Future Laboratory through a series of business lunches, presentations, podcasts and meetups with key participants. Remarkable experience in a marketplace of which I had no knowledge of. Cannot wait to continue to develop relationships with the people I met and had the great good fortune to share some of my perspectives on the relationships between Inspiration, Imaginagion, and Innovation.
Dick Fosbury saw opportunity and advantage when no one else did at the 1968 Summer Olympics Mexico City
Dick Fosbury saw opportunity and advantage when no one else did at the 1968 Summer Olympics Mexico City
ANDI Innovation Land Summit, Medellin Colombia 2024
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