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A curious compendium of golden and alchemical elements of insight discovery and craftsmanship, including a forecast of the future of insight.
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Sarah DaVanzo
_ Author
Hannah Pohlmann
_ Design


Sarah DaVanzo spent a decade deep in the gold industry-first researching and developing the gold strategy for post-apartheid South Africa, and then as Strategic Marketing Director leading gold research, innovation and futures for the world's largest gold pro-ducer. Sarah's gold work took her to the deepest gold mines, to the workshops of the world's most ancient goldsmiths in Timbuktu, to the gold souks of Istanbul and to the gold vaults of the Federal Reserve. She funded the recovery of Spanish galleon gold treasure from the Indian Ocean and laboratories that pushed the boundaries of gold technology and innovation. She sponsored exhibitions of the most sophisticated modern goldsmithing and documentary expeditions to preserve ancient metalworking techniques. Sarah collaborated with investors, inventors, creators, curators and scientists to produce out-of-this-world gold objects, some literally in space now! Sarah was awarded two patents for innovation with gold: a method to produce a 24kt gold tattoo and the design for casting gold bars so they can be broken into pieces by hand like a Kit Kat bar. She was a founding team member of the Gold of Africa Museum, the world's largest gold ecommerce site ( and the largest jewelry manufacturing operation on the African con-tinent. Sarah's insights informed the World Gold Council, the South African Minister of Minerals, Chamber of Mines and the office of Nelson Mandela. Her foresight and futurism shaped South Africa's gold industry renaissance, including goldsmithing education, international investment in gold manufacturing, gold tourism and the development of craft-with-gold zones. For a time, Cheryl, a lead character in South Africa's oldest soap opera (Isidingo) was modeled on Sarah's envelope-pushing gold activities. Sarah draws daily on her rich gold experience, applying it to modern day insights, foresight and innovation for the world's largest corporations and brands.


Sarah DaVanzo


Size 5.25 x 7.5 inches - Portrait
Pages 56 Pages + Cover
Designed By Hannah Pohlmann
Contributions 25 Futurists


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