Imagine Harder Summit2023 Imagine Harder Summit
Imagine Harder Summit
Affleck House, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, September 21-22nd, 2023.
Group photo
Attendees in front of the Affleck House, Bloomfield Hills Michigan, September

Project Summary

A private event and summit at a Frank Lloyd Wright House outside of Detroit facilitated by Near Future Laboratory to engage creative leaders in discussions about collaborating, coordinating, and amplifying the value imagination.


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Team: Near Future Laboratory

Project Year: 2023

Project Duration: 6 Weeks

Published On: Feb 16, 2024, 16:46

Updated On: May 6, 2024, 18:33

Written By: Julian Bleecker


The Project

The 2023 Imagine Harder Summit was organized by Julian Bleecker of Near Future Laboratory September 21-22nd 2023 to bring together 2 individuals to collaborate and coordinate to find paths to elevate and amplify the value of creativity, innovation, and futures-oriented thinking. Held at the Frank Lloyd Wright "Affleck House" outside of Detroit, Michigan.

The Outcomes

The summit discussed developing a collective messaging playbook, co-organizing learning & development programs, setting a foundation for a sustained impact on creativity and futures-oriented thinking, and agreement to organize subsequent events in the US and Japan in 2024/25.
Design Fiction workshop ideation session
Discussions captured on index cards.
Design Fiction workshop ideation session
Attendees in conversation.
Design Fiction workshop ideation session
Discussion facilitation.

The “2023 Imagine Harder Summit” was set at the historic Affleck House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, just outside Detroit, on September 21-22, 2024.

I organized the 2023 Imagine harder Summit as a call to leaders in creative and imaginative fields to elevate and amplify the value of creativity, innovation, and futures-oriented thinking. The summit aimed to foster a shared vision, design collective messaging strategies, champion futuristic thinking through publications and seminars, develop engagement programs, launch collaborative platforms, and establish mechanisms for tracking impact. This gathering was envisioned as a starting point for the ignition phase of a renaissance of creativity and innovation. The overall goal was to unite individuals who are dedicated to redefining the potential of imagination and creativity to help us imagine better, more habitable futures.

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