Facebook / Meta The Future of Socially Powered PossibilitiesFacebook Social Futures
Facebook / Meta The Future of Socially Powered Possibilities
Anticipating possible futures through social contextual clues and cues
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Project Summary

What do socially-powered possibilities look like in 10 years? What will social media will look like in 10 years? What will the social interactions look like and feel like?\n The goal of this project is to help us envision more concretely how ‘social’ will show up in people’s lives in 10 years and what will it mean to provide socially-powered possibilities to the world.

Client: Facebook

Client URL: https://nearfuturelaboratory.com

Team: Near Future Laboratory

Project Year: 2019

Project Duration: 4 Weeks

Published On: Apr 11, 2024, 22:11

Updated On: Apr 11, 2024, 22:11

Written By: Julian Bleecker


The Project

1. Based on a set of future scenarios, develop concepts within each scenarios of how Facebook actually shows up in the world/in people’s lives in 10 years.

2. Develop sketches for each concept to help bring the future to life. Bring to life a set of futures for how Facebook may show up in the world and in people’s lives in 10 years time. Inspire leadership to envision the future in new ways and input into 5-year plans that mitigate the risks and leverage the opportunities of the future.

1. Identify concepts for how Facebook actually shows up in the world/in people’s lives within each future scenario developed by Facebook Research.

Concept brainstorm

i. Agency will facilitate a collaborative brainstorm session, using the set of futures scenarios for ‘socially- powered possibilities’ in 10 years (developed by Facebook), to ideate on how exactly Facebook will show up in each of the scenarios. We will aim to have 1-2 solid concepts for scenario.

ii. For instance, if a scenarios is about an ‘always-on social assistant’ the brainstorm will aim to identify concepts for what Facebook could be in that world, answering questions like

1. What’s the technology? Is it audio only or audio+image? holography? Is Facebook a wearable?

2. What are the use cases? Is the social assistant just providing suggestions or taking care/proactively making social arrangements, sending replies, starting conversations, etc?

3. What does a regular day looks like in 2029 for one of our users? How does Facebook become indispensable in this future? b. Develop storyboard sketches for each concept to help bring the future to life.

i. Each concept will need a visual to help bring it to life. Because we’re looking out 10 years into the future, and many of the concepts may not even involve a mobile phone, we’re thinking a drawing / storyboard style may work well for this project.

The Outcomes

1-2 concepts were generated and visualized as Design Fiction's in each of the 6-8 future scenarios. A total of 14 concepts in the form of Design Fiction artifacts were created.
Project template
The Taste of Digital
Project template
The Internet Shuts Down
Project template
The Gamefied Life
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