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Play the 2023 Work Kit of Design Fiction

How To?

Sure. Okay. Go like this:

1. Flip the cards one by one.

2. There it is. That's the hand you've been dealt.

3. In the Mad Libs mode, consider what the assemablage of meanings and idioms of those four things would be as an object/product/service/job in some possible future.

4. Consider the 'suits' or categories of each: Action, Attribute, Archetype, Object ± Outcome (the blue card): Dilapidated Branded Beverage, Identity Card, Tokenize.

5. What might that be?

6. An Identity Card of an employee of a fancy soft drink brand where each can has a corrolary second-self on the blockchain so that you can pile your cans up in your Metaverse Dorm Room because, like..that's what people do. I've seen that for sure. We used to collect bottles of Heron Hill — a perfect broke college kid cheap wine — and our collection was so epic that it appeared on a local scavenger hunt sheet and people kept showing up at our Animal House to grab a bottle to win a prize. It was nuts, especially to have strangers knocking on the door at weird hours.

7. I dunno. I just made that up on the spot. Hopefully you get the gist.


If you take this so seriously that you get frustrated, you're either doing it wrong or you need to do this more so you limber up. Imagine that you haven't jogged (used your Imagination) for years and then you step out to run 5k (really try and be creative and have the remarkable Imagination power of a six year old) and you you couldn't finish the 5k and actually were so embarrased for yourself that you got angry, frustrated and gave up. We mustn't have that, because we need our Imagination super strong and limber because there is work to be done. We're not out of the woods yet. We've got lots of work to do, and we need this existentially vital capability we all are born with, which is our ability to imagine the world otherwise. So. Limber up. Be prepared for a hard go at first. It's going to really hurt.


Read more about the history of The Work Kit(s) of Design Fiction over on the project page. If they are still available, you'll find them over at The Shop of Futures Artifacts & Supplies

The work kit of Design Fiction 2023 Illuminated and Augmented Edition