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Tech Concept Lab Hyper Island Ericsson Consumer Lab Design Fiction Design Sprint
Tech Concept Lab, Ericsson Consumer Lab, Hyper Island Design Fiction Sprint
May 24, 2024
A 24 hour Design Fiction Sprint to Imagine Possible AI Futures Artifacts...
design fictiondesign sprintartificial intelligenceAI
Cover image for Episode 088 of the Near Future Laboratory Podcast
Episode 088 - School of the Possible with Dave Gray
May 08, 2024
..There's no question in my mind that you could create a whole community just around collecting rocks that look like shoes. If you start putting your passion onto the Internet, you're going to attract other people who have similar interests. It's a wonderful machine for that. Or it's a ecology...
podcastcreative practicescreativityonline communitycollaborationcreative communitymembership modelnetworkingcommunity buildingcreative careersfuture of workpassion projectsonline learning
A mirror collage of Joaquin Phoenix's character Theodore looking glum in the Spike Jonze film 'Her' (2013)
Here Be Angels
Apr 23, 2024
A short essay on the ontologies of Art and Money, Creativity and Rationality, and Imagination and Structure written for the Design & Critical Thinking community and also published at
designcreativityrationalityimagine hardercreative consciousnessrational consciousnessimaginationstructure
Design Meets Design Fiction Poster Art
Design Meets Design Fiction: Exploring the Intersection of Science Fiction & Design
Apr 13, 2024
Design Meets is a Toronto-based and online event about people getting together and sharing their ideas. This presentation by Julian Bleecker will present Design Fiction, a design-led approach to augmenting analytic research by grounding the implications of research into tangible, relatable artifacts....
presentationDesign Fiction
An inviting mountain fire road leading to mountains of creativity
Creative Vitality Summit 2024
Apr 03, 2024
Discussing the futures of creative arts practices, innovation, policy, and the creative economy...
creative economyarts policycreative practicesummitconference
Design Fiction at Causal Islands LA
Causal Island LA
Mar 25, 2024
An unconference right in Korea Town Los Angeles...
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Digests of General Seminar S05/E01
Mar 21, 2024
Looking for work in an AI Future? Pass the classifieds section.....
aiartificial intelligencegeneral seminargeneralseminar
Logo for the North of Patient Podcast
north of patient podcast
Mar 21, 2024
north of patient podcast...
podcastdesign fictionfutures designhealthcare
A sheet of stickers of street signs from the future
(Street) Signs of Change - A Design Fiction Workshop at SxSW 2024
Mar 12, 2024
Imagining possible futures through street signs! The street sign is a fantastic Design Fiction archetype. It's an artifact that is quite legible and recognizable as an indicator of social norms, rules, policy and thereby a small signal of a culture....
Design FictionDesign Fiction ArchetypesUrban Futures
Event Poster for General Seminar S05 E01
What's for Breakfast in an AI Future?
Mar 07, 2024
General Seminar S05 E01...
design fictiongeneral seminarevents
Wardriving/walking in Manhattan for the PsyGeoConflux event in 2004
Mar 02, 2024
Reflections on a Poem Operating System and the relationship between art and technology, I consider the Poem vibe through a short study in the Studio I did last week with OpenAI, Python, Warwalking, Psychogeography, and a Past Project...
AIOpenAIChatGPTElevenLabsAudioDesign FictionPsychogeographyHaiku
Design Fiction
Chapman University Bensussen Lecture in the Arts
Feb 29, 2024
A visit on February 28th 2024 to deliver the annual Bensussen LEcture in the Arts Series at Chapman University...
lectureartdesign fiction
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W7 2024
Feb 25, 2024
Week Notes! Just a few picks of bleeding-edge content posted to the NFL Discord during Week 7 of 2024...
week notes
Cover Image for Near Future Laboratory Podcast Episode 084 - Emergency Broadcast! Thrilling Wonder Stories
NFL Podcast Episode 084: Thrilling Wonder Stories
Feb 17, 2024
NFL Podcast Episode 084 - 'Thrilling Wonder Stories' - a tape recording found from the year 2011, when the Internet was weird, friendly, and a wandering/wondering place....
podcastscience fiction podcasttechnologyfuture innovationsartificial intelligencespeculative sciencespeculative designdesign fictionhistory of science
A Design Fiction in the archetype of a print ad for a company that provides 100% human coding
The Thing Got a Human to Build a Thing
Feb 15, 2024
"What I learned was that programming is not really about knowledge or skill but simply about patience, or maybe obsession. Programmers are people who can endure an endless parade of tedious obstacles." -James Somers...
artificial intelligenceprogrammingfuture of workprogrammerscraftartdesign fictionadvertisement
Electrical Schematic of a Basic Class-A Amplifier
W6 2024
Feb 14, 2024
It was Week 6 of 2024 here Last Week at Near Future Laboratory Global HQ and this week is all about Collaboration, Coordination, and Amplification....
futuresweb ringscollaboration coordination amplificationfutures mindset
Spark Podcast
How to set our imagination free to build the technological futures we want
Feb 12, 2024
This podcast episode, hosted by Nora Young, explores the vast potential of human imagination in shaping technological futures It features insights from Ruha Benjamin, Julian Bleecker, and Jennifer Gossetti Ferenczi on harnessing creativity to address societal challenges, the role of imagination in innovation, and practical ways to cultivate imaginative thinking....
imaginationcreativityinnovationdesign fictionspeculative designfuture scenariosemerging technologyAIartificial intelligenceself-driving carsautonomous vehiclesphilosophy of mindcognitiontechnology ethicsalternative futuresscenario planningstrategic foresighttechnology forecastingpodcastaudio contentexpert interviewsacademic research
Global brand IKEA uses Design Fiction to help with its strategic decision making and product design.
Embracing Design Fiction: A Strategic Guide for Business Leaders
Feb 11, 2024
In today's kinetic business environment, marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences, staying ahead of the curve is a formidable challenge for any executive. The landscape is characterized by volatility, with new opportunities and threats emerging at an unprecedented pace. Adaptability is crucial, yet there's a strategic approach...
Design FictionStrategic PlanningBusiness InnovationFuture Trends in BusinessExecutive Decision MakingMarket AnticipationLeadership in Volatile MarketsAdaptability in BusinessLong-term Business StrategyCompetitive Edge in Business
Cover Image for Near Future Laboratory Podcast Episode 083
Near Future Laboratory Podcast Episode 083 with Ruth Guerra
Feb 07, 2024
We talked with emerging practitioner, futures designer, and design researcher Ruth Guerra...
podcastdesign researchdesign fictionfutures design
Relax. The Bunker Is Safe.
W5 2024
Feb 04, 2024
It was Week 5 of 2024 and we were still talking about a Magazine from a Possible AI Future, wondering what the Imagination does, Radha Mistry has a podcast, as does Theo Priestley and so does Nora Young and Julian was on all of them which means that Julian is...
podcastprojectsgreen pagessxswwritingmagazine from a futureartififcial intelligenceai
Header image for What Is Design Fiction video on Youtube
What is Design Fiction?
Feb 01, 2024
Design Fiction is a method that combines elements of science fiction and design to create tangible prototypes that envision possible futures, helping to illustrate the consequences of today's decisions. Originated by Bruce Sterling and Julian Bleeker, this approach uses fictional artifacts to challenge and expand our understanding of future technological...
Design FictionPrototypesFuture VisioningSocietal ImpactTechnological ForecastingTangible ArtifactsDecision-MakingSci-Fi DesignInnovation StrategyFuturistic Prototyping
This Image Is Not Helpful
W4 2024
Jan 28, 2024
Week 4 of 2024 and we're talking about Chris' podcast with Kevin Kelly, A Magazine from A Possible AI Future, and And Generally Unhelpful Imaginaries of AI Futures...
week notesaiartificial intelligencedesign fictionmagazineartifacts
This isn't a drawing of a cat
W3 of 2024
Jan 24, 2024
Proposals for AI Futures and Tourism Futures, plus Workshopping Metaverse Futures, Slow Messagers, and Inlining CSS...
week notesmetaversedesign fictionproposal writing
Still frame from 'The Assignment'
The Assignment by Taryn O'Neill
Jan 20, 2024
'The Assignment' is a production of Sciren directed by Taryn O'Neill and produced in association with the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University. This film is a trailer for The Climate Action Almanac. To read the book, visit
climate fictioncenter for science and the imaginationCSIfilmvideo
Winning Formula — a newspaper we created from the future of sports
This Is Design Fiction. But This Is Not.
Jan 16, 2024
Design Fiction is not 'storyboards'. Nor is it science-fiction. Science-fiction is science-fiction. It's also not scenarios, because scenarios are scenarios, just like a table cloth is a table cloth, not a plate or coffee mug. This fact as to what Design Fiction is is stated quite clearly in all of...
design fictionuser scenariosstoryboardsclarification
It's a drawing of a cat.
Weeknotes: Week 2 of 2024
Jan 13, 2024
Project Dryden — an Annual Report from an Energy Future and Project Outersense — a Magazine from a Possible AI Future. Plus, integrating AI, the Near Future Laboratory Discord, and an SSG Digester....
week notesannual reportdesign fictionSWOT analysisProject DrydenProject Outersense
It's a drawing of a cat.
The Critical Function of Design Fiction
Jan 13, 2024
Design Fiction has the vital function of grounding speculation in the form of things we can relate to, that are familiar perhaps even mundane....
designdesign fictioncritical designspeculative design
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In Clear Focus Podcast Part Two S13E11
Jan 02, 2024
The second part of a two part podcast where design fiction meets innovation. I discuss the process of transforming strategic concepts into tangible experiences, working with major brands to envision future scenarios. My conversation with Adrian Tennant covers the impact of design fiction on strategic planning and the creation of...
design fictionstrategic planningfutures scenariospodcastcreative strategybrand marketing
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In Clear Focus Podcast Part One S13E10
Dec 27, 2023
A podcast episode where I discuss the concept of Design Fiction and how it can aid brands in strategic planning. Design Fiction offers a unique approach to envisioning the future, emphasizing the creation of tangible, thought-provoking scenarios over traditional analytical methods....
Design Fictionpodcaststrategic planningfuture scenarioscreative strategybrand marketing
A teardrop trailer used to immerse participants in a future mudane
The Future Mundane
Nov 23, 2023
Imagination Lancaster explores The Future Mundane, a design philosophy focusing on the practical, everyday aspects of future technologies rather than speculative, heroic, or overly idealized visions....
futuresdesign ficitonfuture mundaneeveryday futuresnormal ordinary everyday futuresthe quotidian futures
Broadcast from Later 46: Dad Band Futures
Dad Band Futures Fest: Broadcast from Later
Oct 03, 2023
Broadcast from Later 46: Dad Band Futures, exploring ways by which creativity can be reinvigorated as we work to ignite a creative renaissance. The creation of a scene, pre-festival, when things unexpectedly start to happen....
Monday Meeting Podcast Cover Image July 31 2023
Monday Meeting Podcast
Jul 31, 2023
This is Monday Meeting Podcast, an episode titled 'A Journey Into Design Fiction' where I introduce the concept of Design Fiction to an adjacent creative community of motion graphics professionals. We talk and Q&A about how visual creativity is used to in the practice of futures design and Design Fiction,...
podcastdesign fictionpodcastspeculative designvisual designvisual storytellingmotion graphics
A Deep Dive Into A Design Fiction Archetype
Apr 16, 2023
What do I mean when I say 'Design Fiction Archetype'?...
design fictionarchetypetheorymagazine
A scene from the Bugs Bunny Cartoon 'Hare Brush' representing Structure
The Design Innovator's Design Dilemma
Apr 13, 2023
It's time to imagine harder....
design fictionimaginationstructureprinciples
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What Is Design Fiction
Sep 28, 2022
What is Design Fiction?...
Design FictionFuture ImaginingDesigned ObjectsInnovationCreative DesignManual of Design FictionDesign HistoryTangible ArtifactsFuture PossibilitiesBook Release
An Email With Three Design Fiction Questionss
Jul 06, 2022
Design Fiction Archetypes are the containers into which a Design Fiction is embedded. Want to know more?...
creativitydesign fictioncreative consciousness
A diagram showing where Design Fiction sits in between imagination and structure
Where is Design Fiction?
Jul 04, 2022
I describe the essence of design fiction through an exploration of material culture as a lens for envisioning future possibilities. This short essay delves into how everyday objects, from breakfast cereal to speculative artifacts, serve as powerful tools for understanding potential future scenarios without resorting to grandiose predictions. Learn how...
Design FictionMaterial CultureSpeculative ArtifactsFuture ScenariosEmerging TechnologiesSocietal TrendsSpeculative DesignFuture PossibilitiesMaterial Speculation
5 simple complicated things to be considered
Mar 30, 2022
5 simple complicated things to be considered...
An illustration of people doing the burpies exercise
Brain Burpies
Dec 07, 2021
Human imagination has a unique role in envisioning change and different futures. Imagination is what takes us from status quo to unexpected beauty and visionary opportunities....
Two guys sitting in a small blue skiff
Blue Boat
Jul 12, 2021
The tale of 'Blue Boat,' a simple skiff that was a container of of adventures and memories, helped me think about the notion of value that has nothing to do with numbers....
A photo of an ocean storm
A Strange Thing Happened
May 14, 2021
a strange thing happened...
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Design Fiction As The Epistemological Monkey Wrench
Apr 08, 2021
We can use Design Fiction to monkey around with what we know and understand about the world, and why....
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Cornell Box Futures
Feb 19, 2021
The unique role of Design Fiction in creatively envisioning realistic, context-rich futures, moving beyond idealized representations to incorporate everyday, mundane elements that make future scenarios more relatable and engaging. We call that the 'future normal', 'normal, ordinary, everyday', 'future mundane', 'everyday familiar'. They are important concepts to help ground the...
A still from Westworld Season 3 Episode 01
When Caleb Gets A Call
Jan 29, 2021
when caleb gets a call...
filmtelevisionsci-fiartificial intelligenceaiWestworlddesign fiction
A fictional legal document implying legal action in an IP dispute
Commission File No 1923172
Jan 21, 2021
A Design Fiction in which algorithms are regulated, akin to how the government oversees other aspects of public safety, to mitigate their negative impacts while harnessing their potential for positive change....
design fictionalgorithms
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Unintended Use Cases The Unknown Knowns In Design
Dec 24, 2020
The unknown knowns in design...
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What's Breakfast Cereal Got To Do With The Future?
Dec 09, 2020
This is an essay describing the concept of diegetic prototypes and design fiction through the lens of the Stephen Spielberg film based on the P.K. Dick story 'Minority Report.' I discuss how seemingly mundane objects in science fiction, like a cereal box, can offer insights into future technologies, cultures, legal...
The future in the form of an email composer
Why Do Future Visions All Look Like Future Visions
Dec 09, 2020
why do future visions all look like future visions...
Near Future Laboratory Global HQ
Talking to the Future: Vice Magazine
Nov 18, 2011
Talking to the future with the now-defunct Vice Magazine...
design fictionprototypesslow messenger